Marta Seoane-Buiza

As an Architect and Lighting designer, Marta has always had the curiosity to learn from projects find new ways to improve them. During the past years, Marta has been working in the Architectural Lighting field. Since she moved to New York, most of the projects where she has been related were galleries, residences with private art collections and offices buldings. She was implicated on every stage of the project, from concept design to focusing. Her passion for lighting had led her to the Unites States, searching for new stimulus, new challenges and new ways to satisfy her creativity.


Originally from Spain, Marta graduated with a master’s in architecture in Sevilla University in Spain. She got interest in lighting during her exchange program in Montevideo and Buenos Aires, and started her career as a lighting designer in Barcelona, Spain. She joined Cooley Monato Studio in 2021 as a full-time lighting designer.