As an interior designer, Ignacia always had a special interest in lighting. Her work experience started in 2015, in an architectural lighting design firm in Chile -Douglas Leonard Lighting Designers, member of IALD-, where she acquired relevant experience in both interior and exterior lighting design projects of public and private nature. Three years later,
she joined another important firm, SV Lighting Designers, with offices in Santiago, Chile, and Miami, USA. There, she worked as a Project Lighting Designer developing corporate, commercial, residential, educational and museum projects. In 2022, Ignacia moved to the United States and joined Cooley Monato Studio as a full-time Lighting Designer, bringing nearly a decade of work experience, together with her commitment and passion for lighting. Understanding lighting as an essential element of our environment, capable of enhancing spaces and architectural styles, the focus of her work has always been developing outstanding projects that meet the highest international standards for energy efficiency,
visual comfort, and lighting quality.