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Cooley Monato Studio is an architectural lighting design company offering a full range of lighting consultation services.

For nearly 30 years, Cooley Monato Studio (CoMoS) has been recognized for its thoughtful integration of light within both public and private environments. Honored by numerous awards, our studio has defined itself by the use of light as a medium to enhance architectural forms and textures through creative, thoroughly tested and reliable details.

We at CoMoS regard our clients, design and construction teams as involved collaborators. Our process is a fluid exchange of information and ideas with the goal of creating innovative, visually stimulating yet viable solutions. We thrive when working with a fully engaged team that participates fully in the design process from the first day forward.

Best practices are integral to everything CoMoS does- where the long term viability of a design is never sacrificed for the pure art of our craft- but our focus is directed at creating an inspiring, seemingly effortless orchestration of light and shadow in a way that allows the architecture to be seen in its best possible form. We believe that light is the one intangible element that people sense as much as see and it is light’s limitless range of subtle to spectacular which allows us to compose each light experience that engages one’s senses as well as spirit.

CoMoS has been trusted by clients such as Tiffany & Co. for the past 20 years to design their concepts, standards, and stores worldwide.  Our studio also established relationships with Related Companies, Fetner Properties, and Glenwood Properties as a result of our successful collaborations.  Most recently, our trans-formative use of light for the Barneys Chelsea flagship won multiple honors for its use of light not only in highlighting merchandise displays but in defining an ethereal retail presentation featuring a 70 foot sculptural stair while considering the earth-bound practicalities of budget, code compliance and long-term maintenance.  In the coming weeks we look forward to the successful completions of the twin TWA Hotels and Conference Center at JFK, Paine Field Airport in Seattle, Ogilvy Holt Renfrew’s flagship in Montreal,  and the China Center Skyclub, an exclusive private hospitality venue on the 89th Floor of WTC1.

Cooley Monato Studio is certified as a Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) by the City of New York, and a proud certified member of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.



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